Audiocodes Solutions

We are a certified integrator of AudioCodes solutions.

We can test each solution in your environment. In this way you will get to know its properties and the way it works, so you will see if it suits you.

AudioCodes solutions allow you to
Integrate voice services into the IT infrastructure in digital and analog form. This is considered one of the biggest challenges
in broad understood IT because of the extent of knowledge required.

We always start with a conversation with the customer about the
expectations on the one hand, and its systems on the other,
with which we are supposed to integrate the voice services.

We use AudioCodes solutions for a wide variety of purposes. Among other things, they allow us to enhance the capabilities of Teams and Zooma, support hybrid systems, automate standard call center responses by introducing voice bots or record meetings in visual, voice and text transcription. The latter makes it easy to search for the desired phrase.

What do you get when you outsource to us
IT service?

  • Entrust IT services to professionals

  • Increase in productivity and stability of work

  • Access to the latest technology and IT knowledge

  • Reduce risk by relinquishing some responsibility to the outsourcer

  • Company’s focus on achieving business goals

  • Increase revenue by minimizing operating costs

  • A reliable technology partner

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